2020 Virtual Fall Festival

Parker’s Barbecue Tickets

$9 each ($10 value)

Each ticket can be redeemed at any of the 3 Greenville locations November 27-December 11 for a small combination pork barbecue and chicken (leg or thigh) plate with slaw, boiled potatoes, green beans, hush puppies, and corn sticks. Does not include beverage.

SOLD OUT: Mystery Gift Cards to Area Restaurants

$20 each

Area restaurants such as Wasabi 88, The Fresh Market, Michaelangelos, and Bagelman have donated gift cards of various amounts to the school. We’ve packaged them in mystery envelopes that you can purchase for $20 each and you are guaranteed to at least get your $20 back…or more! Limited quantity available.

Lautares $500 Gift Card Raffle Tickets

$10 each or 3 for $25

Vermont Center Wreath Company
Wreaths, Swags, and Centerpieces

Your friends and family will rave about these gorgeous evergreen creations! Click here for details on how to order directly from Vermont Center Wreath Company through November 28.

Submit an order online by using the form below. If you prefer not to order online, you can order by using the paper form.