2020 Wreath Fundraiser

As a voluntary fundraiser, we are offering evergreen wreaths, swags, and centerpieces from the Vermont Center Wreath Company. Your friends and family will rave about these gorgeous evergreen creations. Best of all, the school will earn at least $15 for each wreath, swag, or centerpiece shipped to the school for pick up and $8 for each product shipped directly to someone in another location. The school made almost $800 last year from this fundraiser! Click here for the brochure of products available.

There are two ordering options:

Bulk shipping (wreaths delivered to John Paul II): Individuals pre-order desired products and pick them up at school. For bulk shipment, send in your completed order form along with payment (checks made out to John Paul II) no later than Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Wreaths will arrive the week after Thanksgiving. A JupiterEd message will be sent out when the wreaths arrive. They should be picked up at school before the end of the day on Friday, December 4, 2020.

Website ordering (for direct shipment to a specific address): To order via this method, visit www.vermontcenterwreaths.com/fundraising-store and:

• Enter the password “wreath” to access the fundraising site.

• Select the item you wish to purchase and add to cart

• A dialog box will appear asking you to select your fundraising group

• Select “john paul” in that box

• Scroll down and enter student seller name, if appropriate

• Add gift message if desired

• Select the desired delivery date.

• When finished purchasing items, proceed to the cart and check out

The cost of shipping is included in the listed price for each wreath, swag, and centerpiece.

Once again, please remember that participation is completely voluntary. There is no requirement for families to participate.

If you have any questions regarding the products, please contact Sarah Geiger at 252-412-7049.