Annual Theme

2021-2022: Anchored by Faith

Have you ever been on a boat before? One going super fast? It can be thrilling as you easily skim across the water and feel the wind pass through your hair (unless you have seasickness!). But what if that ride finds you in the middle of a storm? It can be scary, and the fear of the unknown starts to sink in while wind and rain rush around you and the blue skies turn to dark clouds.

When the chaos and confusion of the storm comes into your life, what do you do? You can run around, like a chicken without its head, or enter into a deep and dark place, shutting everyone who loves you away. Or you can cling to an anchor, who firmly roots us in His love, who will constantly be with us in all things.

Like the ship in the midst of a storm, we have an anchor, one which will be with us in the midst of our chaos. Who is this anchor? Christ, the Son of God. As Jesus calms the storms in the Gospel, He also calms the storms in our lives. So cling to Him! He will not abandon you, even when the world around you seems dark and scary. He will hold you firm, and love you, even when you don’t feel lovable!