Senior Year

For seniors at JPII, years of hard work and determination culminate in excited anticipation of the next step. Our students are individually counseled to guide them towards pursuing their passions from the 9th grade—all the way into their college of choice. The student’s personal advising and college preparation courses culminate in their senior year. These two semesters prime them to embrace a world of opportunity, and to serve their family and community in a lifestyle of learning.

​At the foundation of our curriculum lies the tools for students to prepare for the college of their choice. We dedicate the entire senior year of study for the transition from high school to college for our students.

Senior Thesis Seminar

In the spirit of college-level academic study, this course serves as a philosophy capstone course required for graduation. Students illustrate their exploration of the compatibility and complementary nature of faith and reason across their four years of study. Seniors present a philosophical dilemma in the form of a thesis paper they will research, write, and defend. They will work one-on-one with a faculty thesis advisor in this seminar regarding the challenge and meaning of their texts via discussion using the Socratic Method.

​Senior Internship Program

Students prepare for collegiate internships in their final semester, putting them at an advantage in a university setting with both applied experience and connections into their field. Seniors at JPII gain professional experience with local businesses by translating their coursework into applied practice in field connection, relevant practiced skill-sets, and career exploration.

With the experience from these opportunities that cannot be found in a traditional classroom and the excellence of our graduates, JPII students have enjoyed:

  • 100% college acceptance; 97% to their first school of choice
  • More than $2 million in scholarships