Kylie Gilroy added to math department

Kylie Gilroy looks forward to being a part of the growing community at JPII, as well as the opportunity to grow alongside it. “Months of praying led me to multiple schools, but after meeting with some of the staff at JPII, I feel my prayers have been answered and I have found where I am meant to be.” She joins Tim Dameron, Jennifer Mabe, and Lauren Verzaal in our math department.

Gilroy’s initial college major was engineering. “After a year of engineering school, I decided that although I liked engineering, I did not love it. I took a semester away from school to focus on finding what I am most passionate about, which led me into the education field upon my return to college.”

As an educator, Gilroy believes it is her job to teach students in the way they learn best in order to push students to their full intellectual potential. “I have a drive to customize each day to meet the needs of my students because every student has different strengths, gifts, and dreams.” She also believes it is her job as a teacher to shape students into honest, independent, and collaborative citizens, as well as to help develop their moral compass.

Gilroy’s message to her students is that she wants them to know that her classroom is a place to feel safe. “Not only should they feel physically safe from the outside world and outside problems, but they should also feel comfortable with taking academic risks. I intend to foster an environment that will encourage students to be supportive of each other and encourage academic risks.” Getting to know her students is a priority for Gilroy. “I want to know what hobbies my students have and what they like to do in their free time so that I can relate their interests to what they are learning in class. By feeling more connected to the information, students tend to have more of an interest in learning the content and are therefore more eager to learn.”

Gilroy, who is originally from Ohio, earned a bachelor of science in math from Worcester State University in Massachusetts. She enjoys spending her free time at the beach, traveling to new places, and relaxing with my friends and family.