JPII to transition from Naviance to Scoir

Starting with the 2021-2022 school year, JPII will utilize a new college guidance management system called Scoir (pronounced “score”) to streamline the process of requesting, processing, sending, and tracking the electronic delivery of all application-related documents.

Scoir’s mission states: “Founded on the belief that students are more than their SATs and GPAs and that colleges are more than their rankings, Scoir is leading a revolution to transform the college admissions process from a short-term, quantitative transaction to a long-term, qualitative engagement.” For students, that looks like a platform that allows them to easily input criteria (location, academic interests, size, personal interests and activities, sports, religious affiliation, etc.) and receive a list of matching schools. On Scoir, colleges come to life through pictures, videos, and links that highlight active student clubs and organizations. They can then click into a school to read about it, take its virtual tour, and even see posts from its clubs and teams. This better enables students to identify colleges that are a good fit with their personal and academic interests, which increases college retention.

Key features:

  • The program’s résumé building features allow students to keep track of their work, community service, extracurricular activities, and honors and awards.
  • Scoir has partnered with YouScience to provide students with free career and aptitude assessments. Unlike simple interest surveys, YouScience uncovers a student’s innate ability and matches them to careers for which their natural talents will help them excel.
  • Students and counselors can perform many basic actions like manage applications and send transcripts and recommendations to the CommonApp.
  • Graphs (also known as scattergrams) combine ACT and SAT data onto one screen.
  • Students can keep a ‘notebook’ with their thoughts and reflections about school tours and visits. They can even upload photos to store notes and images of things that struck them about the school.
  • Scoir curates social media and testimonials of students on campus to provide a glimpse into student life. Students are able to curate their own “board,” filled with colleges and hashtags they are interested in following.
  • The Scoir mobile app enables students to search and manage their profile through their phone.

Scoir also provides an interface for parents so they may become a part of the search process. Financial calculators are available to help assess and compare the costs of colleges to determine the likely cost of attendance at different colleges and consider the affordability when deciding where to apply. Parents can even recommend schools that they think their student may be interested in. The platform also allows counselors and teachers to suggest schools as well as send recommendations, transcripts, and additional documents efficiently.