College Preparatory

As soon as a student sets foot on our grounds, they join the close-knit community of JPII, in which personal support is key to our success—as singular students and as a class body. We provide individual guidance to all of our students, planning with them from the beginning to be accepted to their college of choice and encouraging them to fulfill their potential. Personal college guidance with faculty advisors begins in the 9th grade to help plan the student’s course of study and match their interests to opportunities for self-discovery.

Our curriculum is designed to give students a significant advantage before even reaching a college campus. We have a student-to-faculty ratio of 8:1, and small class sizes allow each student personal attention for them to receive a more individualized experience than a traditional classroom setting. Theology courses across all four years and class instruction based on the Socratic Method develop critical thinking and discussion skills necessary for formal academic environments.

Outside of the classroom—as well as within—we urge students to participate in as varied courses as they wish, whether it be an elective course or student organization. This personal encouragement to delve into each student’s curiosities extends to student life and athletics, which forms the basis of our curriculum: creating well-rounded students with a lifestyle of learning. The key to college preparation is fostering the growth of the student as a whole. JPII graduates are prepared for the world, not just for the next test. As such, JPII’s approach to education is to educate the student’s mind, body, and spirit. A young scholar with professional experience, confidence in their abilities and passions, aptitude in leadership and partnership, and an unwavering bond with their spirituality will be excellently equipped for the college environment, an atmosphere that encompasses far more than the classroom.