Spiritual Life Overview

John Paul II Catholic High School was created within the rich tradition of Catholic education and faith. Through our mission to build character through service and academic excellence, we seek to foster an active faith community by bearing witness to the Gospel values. We teach students to work actively to improve the quality of life within their communities and churches through the use of their God-given gifts in the service of others.​

​Benefits of a Faith-Based Education
  • Weekly Mass service
  • Spiritual Advisor (usually a priest)
  • Yearly spiritual retreats
  • Daily Gospel readings
  • Theology classes every day, every year
  • Regular service opportunities
Inclusive and Welcoming

We are an inclusive community. Every student is invited to participate in the spiritual life of our community. During Theology classes students are encouraged and challenged to ask questions and delve deeper into their faith. In everything we seek to grow in knowledge and love of Christ.