Recommendation Form

  • ExcellentGoodAveragePoor
    Willingness to Serve Others
    Academic Achievement
    Academic Potential
    Consistence of Performance
    Quality of Daily Preparation
    Work Ethic
    Class Participation/Attentiveness
    Initiative & Leadership Ability
    Relationship with Peers
    Relationship with Adults
    Respect for Others
    Integrity & Honesty
    Family Support of Education
  • What factors, if any, have interfered with this student's past academic performance? What factors, if any, might interfere with this student's academic performance in high school? If none, please answer N/A.
  • Have any academic accommodations been made that should continue in high school to facilitate this student's success? If none, please answer N/A.
  • Strongly RecommendRecommendRecommend with ReservationsDo Not Recommend
    Academic Promise
    Character/Personal Promise
    Overall Recommendation