Professional Excellence Award named for Mr. Glenn Joyner

At the 2018 March with the Saints, Principal Craig Conticchio announced the creation of the Glenn Joyner Professional Excellence Award. Mr. Joyner has served our community for 42 years, proudly dedicating his life to education in eastern North Carolina. He was the school’s first principal and has continued to serve as a faculty member for the past 8 years. Each school day during those 8 years he has greeted students at the front door with a hearty good morning, a smile, and a few encouraging words.

The Glenn Joyner Professional Excellence Award will be presented to one teacher annually for their inspiring role at John Paul II Catholic High School. The award goes to people who are life-long learners in pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty. They cultivate wisdom and virtue in themselves and their students. They show the uncanny ability to push others deeper and further into their pursuit of knowledge albeit with compassion and love. Daily they demonstrate such qualities as perseverance, compassion, dedication, patience, passion, kindness, and the ability to see the best in everything. In short they epitomize the mission of JPII. ​By way of example, Mr. Joyner has embodied and demonstrated the importance of these characteristics, providing all of us with a perfect example to follow in that endeavor.