New Student Leadership Structure

Beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, JPII will implement a new student leadership structure that will allow more students to hold leadership positions. Instead of running for class and overall SGA positions, students will apply and interview for house representative positions. Those selected to be house representatives are eligible to become house leaders, representatives of their class SGA and overall SGA.

House leadership positions are:

  • ​Head of House: Presides house meetings, manages other house leaders, oversees all House events
  • Captains (2): Oversee calendar of events, plan house pride events, aid in house meetings, strategize during House competitions.
  • ​Prefect: Encourage house to obtain and retain points. Keep track and communicate House point totals. Aid in house meetings
  • Representatives: Ensure clear communication between house and class government. Act as the voice of the class/house at class/house meetings.

Important upcoming dates:

  • February 19-March 1: Application open via Google Form
  • March 4-14: House Representative and Position Interviews
  • March 15: House Reps Announced
  • March 19-29: SGA Interviews
  • April 4: All Leadership Positions Announced

​Student Life will host our first-ever Leadership Boot Camp in the spring to help prepare our student leaders for their 2019-2020 positions.