JT Parker joins theology department for 2021-2022 school year

“I want my students to know that I truly love them and care for their well-being and that I teach them because I care about the person that they are and who they will become,” says JT Parker who will teach theology starting in August. Parker attends The Catholic University of America where he received his bachelor of arts in theology and religious studies in 2020 and will soon complete his master of arts in moral theology with a specialization in marriage and family. He is also working toward a master of arts in theology of the body.

Parker has felt drawn toward teaching since his involvement in retreat ministry during his junior year of high school. “In college, teaching kind of seemed to be the best outlet for the gifts I have and the type of ministry I am drawn to. High school is an insanely formative time. I want to help others encounter the love of God in a real and personal way. I hope to engage the students in such a way that learning comes naturally through class conversation. By explaining the whys of Church teaching and relating theology back to our real and personal experiences in the world, I hope to show the students that God matters and what we are learning can really impact their lives.”

He looks forward to being a part of JPII, a community he found to be open to God and one that will allow Him to bring more beauty and life to the school. “I am pumped to be able to work with young people and hopefully guide them to ways of living that help them realize more fully their purpose and meaning in life.” 

Parker and his soon-to-be-wife Abby will soon be moving to Greenville. “John Paul II has been a very influential Saint in my life. He kind of guided us here in a very cool way!” In his free time, he enjoys doing a variety of things including playing basketball, card games, League of Legends, weightlifting, reading, and paintball. “And I just love going out to eat. Chocolate chip cookies are incredible.”