JPII Welcomes Quanteria Holley to the English Department

Quanteria Holley is joining the JPII family to teach English. She previously taught both English and social studies at North East Carolina Prep in Tarboro. She is also the history department chair and a member of the school improvement team. Since becoming a teacher, Holley has also been a cheerleading coach and sponsor for the Junior Beta Club.

Holley knew she wanted to be a teacher at a very early age. “I can remember back as far as age 7 when I would make my little brother and sister pretend to be my students during the summer. I would teach all subjects and even give them assignments to do to keep their skills sharp. For me, instead of dolls and toys it was books and lessons!” Holley comes from a family of teachers so making the choice to be a teacher was an obvious decision that was fueled by her love for learning and education.

Holley loves being a teacher because she feels like she is helping to shape the future. She describes her teaching style as personal and welcoming: “I treat my students how I wanted to be treated as a student. I build relationships with them and make connections through literature to everyday issues. I nurture them as an individual; making memories with students is one thing I cherish most about being a teacher.”

At JPII, Holley looks forward to supporting the growth of all four pillars: spiritual life, academic life, student life, and athletic life. “The spiritual pillar was my main attraction as I grew up deeply rooted in the church. Having the opportunity to teach and worship was the driving force behind this decision.”

Holley has a bachelor of science in history from Chowan University and received the Charles L. Paul Award which is the highest honor for a graduating history major at Chowan. When she’s not teaching, she enjoys spending time with her husband and son as well as singing, reading, painting, traveling, and cooking.