Graduation Cords

In order for a student to be eligible for cords, the criteria listed below for each cord must be fulfilled:

  • 3 of the 4 years for students who enter as freshmen (one of the three years must be the senior year)
  • each year the student attends for students who transfer

Academic Life
Gold Cord

3.0 weighted GPA at the end of the 1st semester of the senior year

Athletic Life
Navy Cord

Rostered as a student-athlete, manager, or student assistant. Removal from any team for either academic or disciplinary reasons or if the student quits a team during a season, the student is no longer considered for the cord.

Spiritual Life
White Cord

25 hours of community service (not service to school hours)

Student Life
Light Blue Cord

Participation in a performing arts production, pep band, Science Olympiad, debate club, esports, Quiz Bowl, or hold a leadership position in SGA or a school club/organization