Financial Aid

John Paul II Catholic High School utilizes the Blackbaud Financial Aid Management system to evaluate demonstrated financial need for scholarships and/or tuition assistance.

Required Supporting Documentation

The following documentation that applies to you will be required to be submitted once your application is submitted. Applications submitted without documentation will not be processed.

  • Most recent paystubs.
  • Most recent W-2 forms for all jobs.
  • Most recently filed federal tax returns: 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ with all schedules.
  • Most recently filed business tax return: 1120, 1120S, 1065 (if applicable).
  • Supplemental income documentation: Social Security income, Welfare, Food Stamps, Child Support, 1099-M Forms, Worker’s Compensation, Unemployment, Veterans Benefits, Housing Allowance, etc.
  • If you are unable to provide any of the aforementioned items, please submit a Special Circumstance Letter indicating which document(s) you are unable to provide and why. This information will be shared with your school for consideration.



Blackbaud Financial Aid Management Application Website

JPII School ID#: 14923

Financial Aid Application Fee: $35

(payable online after you submit the application)

Blackbaud Financial Aid Management Support Contact Information

Phone: 800-360-8027


Creating Your Account

Please visit and create your account by entering your primary email address as your username. Blackbaud Financial Aid Management will use this email address to contact you in the event that your application is “on hold” for missing documentation. Once you create your username and password, you will receive a verification email. Once you click the verification link to verify that you are the account holder, you will be able to log in using the username and password you created. Please be advised that if you do not click the verification link that is sent to your email address, you will not be able to log in or reset your password.

Section 1 – Household Information

Parent/Guardian: Enter the parent or guardian’s contact information. Dependent: Enter all dependents that live in the household. For dependents in college, select the “attending another private school” status option.

Section 2 – Selecting A School

Enter JPII’s five-digit school code (14923) or name in the search box. Make your selection by checking the select check box. Once a school or multiple schools are selected, you will then need to select the student(s) you wish to apply for aid at the appropriate school(s). After the school(s) have been selected, you will then need to select the upcoming grade for the student, student code (New Student or Returning), and expected tuition ($7,875) for the upcoming year. Clicking “next” after each section will allow you to move on to each subsequent section.

Section 3 – Income & Expenses

Enter any income the household receives; employment, business or supplemental. If the work status is selected as ‘employed’, ‘self-employed’, ‘unemployed, receiving benefits’, or ‘disabled, receiving benefits,’ you will be required to enter this income source in the appropriate section before moving through the application. Please enter all expenses as they pertain to your household, especially Section I. Medical Expenses.

Section 4 – Assets & Debts

Enter all assets and debts as they pertain to your household.

Section 5 – Special Circumstances

Check off any special circumstance that pertains to your household. If no option available best describes your household’s circumstance, please check ‘other’ and describe your situation. This information is confidential and will only be available to designated JPII and Blackbaud Financial Aid Management staff members.

Section 6 – Submit

Select the appropriate family school code (New Family or Returning). Agree to Blackbaud Financial Aid Management’s terms and conditions, then click SUBMIT to complete your online application.

Submitting Documentation

Documentation should be submitted at the time the application is completed. Application IDs must be included on all documents. Failure to include your ID will delay processing of your application. Please be advised that each document must be uploaded separately under the appropriate document type in order for your application to automatically move into the review status.

Notification of Financial Aid

Once your application is processed, a financial aid recommendation will be forwarded to JPII. All final financial aid decisions, including notification of an award amount (if any) will be made by JPII. If you have not received notification regarding financial aid, contact JPII Director of Enrollment Management Doug Smith.

Frequently Asked Questions