Dual Enrollment

As part of the Career & College Promise (CCP), North Carolina’s dual enrollment program for high school students, JPII juniors and seniors can receive credits toward college through Pitt Community College (PCC) without leaving the JPII campus.

Classes at JPII will be taught either face-to-face at JPII Mondays-Thursdays with a workday on Friday or asynchronously online. Partnership courses will vary from year to year based on student demand. As an example, a junior who enrolls in and passes American History at PCC would fulfill the graduation requirement for U.S. History as well as earn 3 transferable college credits.

In addition to dual enrollment, Advanced Placement (AP) courses will continue to be offered to help students earn credits for college.

CCP helps reduce the cost of a college degree, career certification, or diploma, making post-secondary education a viable option for students who may believe that the cost puts college out of reach for them. While tuition and fees for a three-credit-hour course at PCC typically cost $286, classes taken by JPII students through the CCP program are $48.20 per class plus the cost of any textbooks or other materials required for the class.