Diversity & Inclusion

JPII’s goal is to foster an active community with values of faith, regardless of background, to look towards a future of service to community and Christ. Our atmosphere of inclusion thrives on principles of diversity and exploration—based in the tradition of Catholicism and the Gospel. JPII celebrates our practice of embracing diversity and its contribution to educational growth. Our students use their complimentary experiences to explore their faith and to serve others with an understanding of numerous perspectives.

Students from all faiths and beliefs are welcome at JPII. Any student who wishes is welcome to participate in confession and weekly mass with us! Our theology courses instruct students in the beliefs and histories of a multitude of world religions. Through Socratic discussion, students will view personal faith and that of others in the most comprehensive light, and deepen their own faith in turn.

JPII’s safe and constructive environment encourages students to explore new points of view and unfamiliar interests, to nurture them into valuable assets of service to Christ and their community. Our students’ experience in diversity is truly representative of our community in eastern NC. Engagement with diversity provides a sense of:

  • responsibility
  • independence
  • communication
  • self-awareness
  • leadership skills

​​We ensure the development of the whole person within the tradition of the Catholic faith; a lifestyle of learning that extends beyond textbooks. Without question, any student will find an activity that speaks to them at JPII. Course elective, student life, and athletic offerings at JPII are built to suit the varied interests of our students. Students can create their own student organizations and support new sports!

We are one of the most financially accessible Catholic high schools in North Carolina. We do our best within our funding to make a Catholic high school education open to all students who want the opportunity. JPII is supported with tuition-based funding and financial support for attendance is available for those that qualify for assistance. Financial need for families applying to JPII is analyzed through Smart Aid.