As a Catholic high school, our community at John Paul II Catholic High School grows from the mission of Jesus Christ: to form men and women of faith, knowledge, and service in church and community through the tradition and values of Catholic education and faith. We do not rely singularly on the classroom to prepare our students for college; we create a well-rounded environment to inspire a lifelong pursuit of learning in our students, preparing them to serve their families, community, and Christ.

JPII provides a lifestyle of learning by cultivating student growth of mind, body, and spirit. We stress preparation for college through the rigor of our coursework coupled with individualized guidance tailored for each student to graduate into their school of choice.

This overwhelming success does not stem solely from the work of our students in the classroom, but the values they learn in other aspects of student life. Students enjoy an open atmosphere of self-discovery to explore their passions in a safe and supportive environment. Each student learns the importance of independence and service in their personal collaboration with faculty and the community within JPII’s unique senior internships and research coursework.

Classroom teachings are enriched by the personal relationships students make with our faculty, the leadership and partnership skills from engaging the student body in athletics and student life, and the values of service and faith from JPII’s spiritual life. Our curriculum provides true preparation for college and beyond as students grow into adults equipped to serve their society and Christ.

Academic Curriculum

The academic program at JPII prepares students for the world in which they will thrive and serve with academics and individualized attention to gear each student’s education toward their college aspirations. This begins with one-on-one college counseling starting in the 9th grade and our unique courses to prepare students for scholarly endeavors.

Graduates will be well-equipped to achieve success in the college of their choice with the four years of academic and one year of professional experience from JPII. True preparation occurs in applied practice, not just theory.

Minimum Credit Requirements for the Graduating Class of 2023+

JPII graduates meet or exceed the minimum undergraduate admissions requirements at all 16 constituent institutions of the University of North Carolina. To qualify for graduation, students are required to earn 26 total credits including:

  • English (4)
  • Mathematics (4)
  • Theology (4*)
  • Social Sciences (3)
    • World History (9th)
    • Civics and Economics (10th)
    • U.S. History (11th)
  • Science (3)
    • Physics (9th)
    • Chemistry (10th)
    • Biology (11th)
  • World Language (2)
  • Electives (5, at least 1 in the performing or visual arts)
  • Health (0.5)
  • Physical Education (0.5, participation in a team sport can satisfy this requirement)

Seniors must take a minimum of 3 classes in core subject areas during their senior year.

*Students who enter JPII as a freshman are required to have 4 credits of theology to graduate. The number of theology credits required for transfer students is equivalent to the number of years they attend JPII.

Advanced Placement & Honors Classes

College grows more and more competitive every year. Classes are harder and majors require commitment early in order to finish within four years. To help students better prepare for college and begin accumulating valuable college credit, we offer a wide range of advanced placement (AP) classes across nearly every discipline at our school. Students can begin their collegiate career knowing they’ve taken important steps in not only preparing for the rigors of a college classroom, but for completing their degree in a manageable timeline.

In addition to a wide array of AP classes, we also offer honors courses for nearly every class in our curriculum. Students can be challenged regularly with an engaging course of study and be better prepared for the demands of college coursework. In addition to their regular studies, students will begin to learn the value of self-reliance, autonomy, and accountability as they navigate an enriching honors curriculum.

Senior Internship Program

Prior to collegiate internships, seniors at JPII are provided the opportunity to gain professional experience with local businesses by translating their coursework into applied practice in field connection, relevant practiced skill sets, and career exploration in an opportunity that cannot be found in the classroom.

As their senior year draws to a close, the student walks across the stage with not only a diploma, but a multi-faceted education of mind, body, and spirit. As they complete the last of their academic coursework, students demonstrate the education of their mind via critical thinking and problem-solving they will use throughout their scholarly career. The investigation of their interests within athletics, student organizations, and specialized subject electives will define the education of the body. An education of spirit through theological studies, religious activities, and spiritual retreats allow students to reflect upon their faith and apply their God-given talents in life beyond graduation.