Casey Blanton to become first school counselor at JPII in July

Casey Blanton will join JPII in July as the school’s first counselor. Blanton has been a school counselor for the past eight years, most recently at Washington High School. She also holds a K-12 school counselor professional educator’s license.

Blanton did not know until later in life that she wanted to be a school counselor (her first career was in manufacturing management). “As cliché as it sounds, the students are the best part of being a school counselor. They keep each day looking different.” She enjoys working with students to make informed choices and understand the many opportunities available to them. “Each student needs to know there are several paths to get to their goals. The key is just finding the right path for each student.”

The more Blanton learns about JPII, the more excited she becomes about the opportunity. “Even touring without students in the building, there was a family atmosphere. JPII seems dedicated to developing the whole student. I think when students and staff are all working together toward common goals, great things happen.”

Blanton holds a bachelor of science in textile technology from NC State (she says this is the reason her office space is always clean and organized!), a master of science in counselor education from East Carolina University, and is a National Board Certified Counselor. She has two daughters; her oldest daughter will be joining JPII as a freshman next year. In her free time, Blanton enjoys watching her daughter ride horses, Sunday dinners at her parents with the kids, and jamming out to their favorite songs on road trips.