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At this time of great concern for us all, I pray that you and your loved ones are in good health. I can assure you that we are following government advice and have put strict measures in place to protect students and staff. We have moved all classes to remote learning and effectively shut down our campus.

As well as protecting our community, we must also consider the financial implications of the virus and the potentially damaging impact on JPII and, in particular, on current families facing financial hardship.

While on the surface it might appear as though JPII serves only the most privileged in our community, that is not the case. We serve students and families from all walks of life. They often share with us memorable reflections like “JPII showed me there are people that actually care” and “there is no way I would have the opportunities I have if it wasn’t for JPII.” Accepting students and families to attend our school is determined by character and aspiration; NOT socioeconomic status, race, culture, or religion. Generous donations from people like you provide opportunities for those students that otherwise would never have had access to all the opportunities an education at JPII provides.

The coronavirus has led to the cancellation of a number of important fundraising events and campaigns which, in normal years, provide much of the safety net that allows us to help students and families facing hardship. At this tumultuous time, the needs of those students are greater, as many of their parents and families are facing significant income loss. At a time when we all have so much to worry about, I am determined that no hard-working and deserving JPII family facing hardship should also be burdened by worry about whether they can afford to continue their education. 

I am incredibly proud of JPII’s sense of community, togetherness, and our determination to look out for one another when times are tough. We have always come together to protect the most vulnerable amongst us and I hope you are in a position to help ensure this proud JPII tradition continues by making a donation today. If you are able to help protect the JPII family from the financial impact of this current crisis, please visit Every donation big or small helps!

I pray God continues to bring you peace, love, and grace during this most difficult crisis. St. John Paul II…pray for us!



Craig D. Conticchio