Athletic Life – NEW

At John Paul II Catholic High School, we believe that athletics are an important part of the educational process. Participation in sports and in other activities are critical elements in helping our students to get to know one another and in teaching them key lessons they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. As such, we treat athletics as an integral part of our students’ education, whether they are participants or spectators. We feel it is an extension of the school day, during which the learning process continues.

The goals of the athletics program at John Paul II Catholic High School are for participants to:

  • Develop their physical, social, emotional, and mental skills.
  • Learn the rules and the skills for the sport.
  • Learn to work as a team for the common good of all.
  • Learn loyalty and commitment to a team.
  • Allow as many students as possible to participate and share the experience and benefits derived from team members.

Our sports teams will always strive to win, but never at the expense of character, healthy attitudes, and good judgment. We will always emphasize excellence, effort, improvement, and respect for coaches, teammates, and officials. All John Paul II Catholic High School student-athletes should be known for their character and class; humble in victory and gracious in defeat. We believe that the sports experience should not only be rewarding but fun.

Head Coaches