Academic Support

John Paul II Catholic High School acknowledges that there are students who require special services to meet their full human potential. JPII is committed to all students succeeding to the best of their abilities. In the event that a student has a diagnosed special need (documented by licensed medical personnel) accommodations may be offered that can be reasonably made within the normal general education classes and when the school has the resources (academic/staff) available to accommodate the students’ needs. However, modifications to academic requirements or alterations in general course of studies will not be made. If a student cannot be accommodated within the school program, every effort is made to assist with placement in another school program beyond JPII.

Additional Help

Sometimes, students just need extra help to make sure a concept or lesson is understood entirely. All of our teachers provide regular office hours in addition to arranging time after school. We also offer peer tutoring for students to receive one-on-one support from their friends.