2019-2020 Award Recipients

Principal’s List

Students with exceptional academic achievement for the semester

Bridget Baker

Cristian Bernal

Karla Segura

Jessica Corley

Jacob Daughety

Landon Daughety

Cayley Davenport

Liz Doban

Annie Geiger

Joesph Geiger

Maggie Geiger

Dani Hernandez

Destini Hunt

Joey Koesters

JT Lee

Juliana McKee

Davis Miller

Brody Mitchell

Ethan Mitchell

Alex Peterson

Calie Phelps

Elliana Proctor

Natalie Saeed

Hannah Smith

Danna Southwell

Josiah Thompson

Caroline Van Dyck

Honor Roll

Students with outstanding academic achievement for the semester

Tori Alcock

Sarah Allen

Joey Balot

Lawson Barbee

Karsen Barfield

Mili Bernal

Laila Caines

Scott Corley

Helena DeCola

Gianna DeSantis

Max Dooley

Judy Elizalde

Esteban Escobar

Mary Grace Flowers

Dana Galinis

Karla Garcia

Elicia Gaskin

Dillon Gregory

Connor Gay

Nate Hasselbach

Macy Johnson

Kathryn Kaoud

Christian Marello

Izzy McKee

Ife Obateru

Sam Payne

Jeremiah Reid

Sam Schmidt

Yixuan Shen

Matt Sommer

Ian Trent

Alexander Turner

Shiyah Waller

Nate Woolard

Maddy Tivnan

Service Recognition

Students who have gone above and beyond in service to the community

Karsen Barfield

Carissa Donica

Dani Hernandez

Ife Obateru

Matthew Sommer

Service Award

One student who records the most community service hours for the year

Dana Galinis

Junior Marshals

The four National Honors Society juniors with the highest academic achievement (a fifth student is also honored in the event that one of the top four students is unable to attend graduation)

Mary Grace Flowers

Maggie Geiger

Ethan Mitchell

Danna Southwell

Josiah Thompson

Highest Academic Achievement

Presented to one student from each grade with the highest academic achievement for the current school year

Freshman Class: Annie Geiger

Sophomore Class: Bridget Baker

Junior Class: Mary Grace Flowers

Senior Class: Caroline Van Dyck

Departmental Awards

These students have been selected by each department for their passion, hard work, and engagement in class as they show enthusiasm for learning the particular subject

Mathematics: Yixuan Shen

English: Elliana Proctor

Science: Caroline Van Dyck

Social Studies: Maggie Geiger

Theology: Danna Southwell

Foreign Language: Karla Ceniceros-Segura

Visual Arts: Cayley Davenport

Performing Arts: Gianna DeSantis

Physical Ed: Ethan Mitchell


The senior who ranks second highest in academic achievement of a graduating class and delivers the salutatory at graduation

Cristian Bernal


The senior with the highest academic achievement of a graduating class and delivers the valedictory at graduation

Caroline Van Dyck

Truth & Virtue Awards

One student per grade is selected by the Academic Council

When we speak of virtues—not only these cardinal ones, but all of them, every virtue—we must always have in mind the real man, the actual man. Virtue is not something abstract, detached from life, but, on the contrary, it has deep “roots” in life itself, it springs from the latter and forms it. Virtue has an impact on man’s life, on his actions and behavior. It follows that, in all these reflections of ours, we are speaking not so much of the virtue as of man living and acting “virtuously”; we are speaking of the prudent, just and courageous man, and finally, precisely today, we are speaking of the “temperate” (or “sober”) man” Saint John Paul II”

These students have modeled the attributes of humility, living their lives in a truthful way and striving to emulate the life of our school’s Patron Saint, Saint John Paul II.

Freshman: Jessica Corley

Sophomore: Fiona Holler

Junior: Carolyn Miranda

Senior: Brandon Forrest

Faith & Spirit Awards

Two seniors are selected by the Academic Council

The Faith and Spirit award is given to two graduating seniors who have best exemplified the JPII characteristics of Christian FAITH and SPIRIT in service to the community.  Winners are chosen by the JPII faculty on behalf of the Ruffolo family who sponsor this award.  A $250 scholarship will be provided to each winner.  Their names will also be engraved on the Faith & Spirit plaque along with all the prior award winners.  This plaque is on permanent display in the hallway near the school entrance.

Karla Ceniceros-Segura

Juliana McKee

Leadership Award

One student is selected by the Academic Council

The John Paul II Leadership Award is given to the student who establishes a clear vision, and shares that vision with others so that they will follow willingly. This student is a servant leader. They lead by example in the academic setting, athletic setting, and social setting. They draw out the best qualities of those involved. They lead with enthusiasm and charisma.

Karsen Barfield

Saint John Paul II Award

One senior is selected by the Academic Council

This award is John Paul II Catholic High School’s most prestigious award. The Saint John Paul II Award is presented to the student whom over the course of their career has most exemplified what JPII Catholic High School stands for: education of the mind, body, and spirit within the Catholic culture and intellectual heritage. This student embodies qualities and characteristics which our patron, Saint John Paul II, emulated and encouraged: respect for the dignity of the human person, faith-filled, unafraid to engage the world, active in school, community and society, knowledgeable of Catholic social teaching and eager to live by it. The recipient’s name will be engraved onto our Saint John Paul II Award Plaque, which is displayed in our school entrance.

Cristian Bernal